Let a Family Law Attorney Help You File for a Protective Order

Domestic violence is something that affects numerous families in Georgia. If you find yourself in a violent relationship, while you may not feel like it, you do have options to remove yourself from the situation. To start, let a family law attorney help you file for a protective order.

Domestic violence is defined as abusive behavior used by one partner in order to gain power and control over his or her significant other. This is generally not a one time thing, but rather it is a pattern of behavior. Common forms of abuse include physical, sexual, psychological, economic and stalking.

Taking action to escape an abusive situation is, undoubtedly, frightening. The unknown if often scarier than to what one has become accustomed — that is understandable. However, no one deserves to be treated in such an ill fashion, ever. But how does one move on? What services are available to victims of domestic violence?

Georgia residents who are victims of domestic violence can gain access to shelters, housing services, education and job training services, and counseling — all of which can help them start fresh. Also, as previously mentioned are protective orders. These documents, if granted in court, will make it illegal for your abuser to contact you or come within a certain distance of you. If the terms of the order are violated, he or she can be arrested. To learn more about protective orders and how a family law attorney can help you apply for one, please visit our firm’s website.

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