The Main Causes for Divorce in the United States

Every year, numerous couples in Georgia and across the country will opt to end their marriages. Why? According to a recent report, there are six main causes for divorce in the United States.

At the number one spot is infidelity. Physical and emotional affairs happen. When they do, trust is lost, and it can be really difficult, and in some cases impossible, for the trust to be rebuilt.

Coming in at number two is money. So much about this life revolves around money. When money is tight, it puts stress on a marriage. When one spouse is more successful than the other, it can cause resentment. Both of these situations can cause a couple to call it quits.

The number three spot goes to addiction. Drugs, alcohol and a number of other addictions can ruin a family. The addicted individual’s mindset changes, making the addiction the priority.

The fourth main reason for divorce is extraordinary circumstances. Some couples go through a lot of hard things together. Sometimes they can cope and rise, and sometimes they cannot. When the stress, pain and loss is just too much, the relationship may fail.

The number five spot goes to incompatibility. Not all spouses agree on everything or like the same things. They do not have to in order to make things work, though some level of compromise is then necessary. Those who are just too different and unwilling to budge on what they want may end up filing for divorce.

Finally, the sixth main reason couples file for divorce is irreconcilable differences. Couples can try to make things work, but they may find that it seems hopeless. When there are just too many issues and too many differences, sometimes it is just better to walk away.

Going through the divorce process, regardless of why a couple gets to that point, is not easy. However, sometimes, it really is for the best. An experienced attorney can assist those in Georgia who are ready to file for divorce in seeking dissolution settlements that best serve their interests.

Source: Today, “6 major reasons why people divorce“, Bela Gandhi, Oct. 25, 2017

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