Failing to Consider Zoning Issues Could Doom Your Project

As a developer, when you see a good opportunity, you more than likely take advantage of it. At times, the competition for new projects in the Atlanta metro area can be fierce. You may want to strike while the iron is hot, so to speak, but doing so could mean missing important steps. Failing to consider the zoning issues that apply to your project could doom it before it even gets off the ground.

Choosing the right location for a project represents a large part of any successful brick and mortar business venture. You more than likely consider factors such as accessibility and the neighborhood, among other things. Finding the right piece of land may seem simple, but before taking any further action, it would be a good idea to consider how the local government zoned the property.

Local governments have a vested interest in how you use the land on which you intend to build. Before you even begin to take bids for the construction of your project, a review of the applicable zoning issues would be wise. Depending on the type of business activities that the finished project will conduct, you may have several hoops to jump through before opening the doors or even before breaking ground. You may also need to consider whether the property can be rezoned to suit your purposes. You will more than likely want answers to all of these questions before you progress.

An Atlanta commercial real estate attorney could help you determine whether the property you want to build on has any zoning issues that could cause you problems. If you already have the property and discover that you will have issues with receiving all of the relevant permits due to the way the property is zoned, all may not be lost. It may be possible to rectify the problem with a minimum of delays and complications with the right help.

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