Georgia Woman Charged with DUI and Child Endangerment

A Georgia woman was arrested and fired from her job after allegedly driving a school bus while impaired. She has been charged with DUI and child endangerment. Along with the criminal charges against her, parents of the affected children are also considering filing civil actions.

The accused is said to have shown up for work after a night out celebrating her birthday. She loaded a total of 31 students onto her bus and proceeded to drive them to their middle school. When the children arrived, many of them called their parents, and the school was contacted about the ride they experienced that morning.

According to reports, the accused was swerving in traffic and then stopped in the middle of the street. When she did start moving the bus again, she supposedly missed the entrance to the school. The police officer at the school administered a Breathalyzer test, which reportedly came back at a .089. Open containers of alcohol were also found in her purse.

The combination of DUI and child endangerment charges can have significant consequences if the accused is convicted in a Georgia criminal court. She has already lost her job and stands to lose her freedom if prosecuting attorneys succeed in achieving the maximum penalties allowed under the law. Though fighting the charges filed in this case will likely prove to be a challenge, with the assistance of an experienced defense attorney, the accused will be able to make informed legal decisions as she works her way through the criminal court system.

Source:, “School Bus Driver Charged With DUI in Georgia: ‘We Had a Couple Shots of Tequila’“, Aug. 29, 2017

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