When Might One Consider an Annulment over a Divorce?

While many marriages start out with each spouse having the best of intentions and bright hopes for the future, not all marriages begin this way. There are numerous reasons as to why marital unions don’t thrive, and some of them start before or shortly after vows are said. For some individuals in Georgia and elsewhere, under certain circumstances there may be the desire to seek an annulment instead of a divorce. When might that be appropriate?

Before getting too far into this discussion, let’s cover the basics. An annulment is a legal ruling declaring that a marriage never occurred. A divorce is more about the division of marital assets and receiving a paper saying a couple is no longer legally wed.

In Georgia, any married couple can seek a divorce as long as they meet the necessary residency requirements. Not everyone can seek an annulment, however. In order to request that one’s marriage be annulled, one will have to go to court and prove that one of four conditions existed in the marriage. These conditions are force, fraud, insanity or bigamy.

Why would someone bother seeking an annulment? An annulment can be a hard thing to achieve and not everyone wants to deal with a trial; however, for religious or personal reasons, having the marriage completely cleared from one’s record may make going through the challenging process worth it. Those in Georgia who would like to end their marriages, but are not sure the best way to go about it, can turn to an experienced family law attorney for assistance. Whether one ends up filing for divorce or seeking an annulment, with legal assistance one can get through the process as swiftly and smoothly as possible.

Source: Women’s Health, “What’s The Difference Between A Divorce And An Annulment?“, Macaela Mackenzie, Sept. 7, 2017

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