Georgia Business Litigation: Construction Liens

Commercial construction is big business in Georgia. Unfortunately, it is not without its issues. When things are not going well at a construction site, and when the property owner is failing to live up to his or her end of the deal, legal steps may need to be taken to deal with the matter. This is where a business litigation attorney may be able to help. 

Construction workers do not have easy jobs. Their work is physically demanding, and they often have to deal with clients who are indecisive. When construction workers are doing what they are supposed to be doing but are then not compensated fairly or as agreed, they may take action to collect the money owed to them. One way to do this is through construction liens. 

A lien may be placed on a property if there is a payment dispute between the owner and a creditor. In the case of a construction lien, a construction company may seek to have a lien placed on a property if the property owner fails to pay it for its work. If the outstanding debt is not paid, the construction company then has the right to seize the property. This is usually big enough incentive for payment to be made. 

If filing a construction lien fails to achieve desirable results, further action may be taken in order for the offended party to seek compensation for his or her losses. A business litigation claim — such as breach of contract — may be filed in court in an effort to pursue damages. Construction companies in Georgia who find themselves dealing with this type of issue can turn to a skilled attorney for help in resolving the matter as quickly as possible. 

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