Georgia Police Often Use Breathalyzers to Check for DUI

Anyone who gets pulled over by police in Georgia for allegedly driving under in the influence of alcohol may be asked to submit a breath sample for evaluation. Law enforcement officials use the Breathalyzer in order to obtain a blood-alcohol content reading. If the number returns at a certain level, one may expect to be arrested and charged with DUI.

There are a few different types of Breathalyzers on the market. The kind most commonly used for roadside testing are those with fuel cell sensors. This type of Breathalyzer works by oxidizing alcohol in a breath sample through a chemical reaction, producing an electrical current and giving a percentage readout. In other words, it is a lot going on in a matter of seconds in a small, hand-held device. Are these machines accurate, though?

The makers of these devices and law enforcement officials claim Breathalyzers to be highly accurate. Just because they say it, though, does not mean it’s true. The truth is that these machines are prone to give out false readings. If they are not properly maintained, calibrated and cleaned between uses, the readings may not be accurate.

If pulled over for suspected DUI in Georgia and asked to give a breath sample, one may say yes or one may decline. If a sample is given and a high readout achieved, it may be possible to fight the findings. An experienced criminal defense attorney will have the ability to review the details of one’s case and help one figure out the best way to fight it in court.

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