DUI Campaign Nets 120 Arrests in Two-Month Period

The Forsyth County Sheriff’s office has always taken impaired driving seriously. To show the community that it is not shying away from this problem, it started a DUI crackdown in Dec. 2017. There are no signs that they will be letting up anytime soon.

In December and January alone, 120 people¬†were arrested for impaired driving. The numbers for February have yet to be released. However, a spokesman for the sheriff’s department says that, normally, they average 30 DUI arrests per month.

Why now? While it is not uncommon for police agencies to conduct DUI enforcement campaigns throughout the year, they usually only last a set period of days. This ongoing campaign is reportedly the department’s reaction to two DUI-related collisions that happened near the end of 2017 that resulted in a deputy being injured while on the job.

There is a lot of good that comes from DUI enforcement campaigns, but a lot of arrests also occur that may not be fully warranted. It is okay for those facing DUI charges stemming from enforcement campaigns to question the accusations posed against them. Whether one resides in Forsyth County or is just passing through, if charged with DUI, it is okay to turn to a local, experienced criminal defense attorney who will be able to help one fight for the best outcome possible. Challenging a DUI charge can prove difficult. With legal counsel at one’s side, the burden of the situation may be made lighter and the appropriate course of action to address the matter taken.

Source:¬†ajc.com, “Forsyth DUI crackdown continues“, Mark Woolsey, Feb. 20, 2018

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