Georgia Family Facing Drug Charges

A Georgia family was recently arrested following a drug investigation. A father, mother and son were all taken into custody for a number of criminal offenses and are facing drug charges as a result. All three individuals deserve a chance to fight their cases in court. Each can turn to an experienced criminal defense attorney in order to do just that.

According to a recent news report, on Tuesday, Jan. 23, police conducted a raid on a home in Suwanee. Two males — ages 18 and 52 — and one female — 50 years old — were in the home at the time and were taken into police custody. Upon searching the home, investigators claim to have found various drugs, drug paraphernalia and thousands in cash.

Each of the accused individuals is facing possession with intent to distribute and other drug charges. According to state laws, these are felony-level offenses. The teenager was granted bond. It is unclear if that has been paid. His parents, on the other hand, remain in police custody, as bond was refused in their cases.

Cases that involve felony-level drug charges can be difficult to fight in the Georgia criminal court system. Accusations of selling drugs are not going to be taken lightly. This, however, does not mean such cases are hopeless. Each of the accused can put up a criminal defense that will best serve his or her best interests. This they can do with the help of a defense attorney who will do everything to protect the rights of the client.

Source:, “Father, mother, son sold drugs from Gwinnett home, Forsyth police say“, Raisa Habersham and Mitchell Northam, Jan. 25 2018

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