Police in Georgia Arrest 66 People on Drug Charges

On New Year’s Eve, police in Georgia arrested 66 people who were attending a house party. They are all facing drug charges since police claim to have found marijuana out in the open. The consequences for such charges can be life-changing. Having experienced legal counsel at one’s side at such a time may certainly be worth it.

According to a recent news report, each of the accused — ages 15 to 31 — were at a house party in Cartersville. Police were called to the house when someone reported hearing gunfire. When authorities arrived, they claim to have found marijuana on a table. No one claimed it so everyone was taken into custody. Police then searched the home and allegedly found other drugs, three firearms and drug paraphernalia.

Of the accused some are college students, others are working citizens and some are members of the military. Some have already lost their jobs and others may. All face jail time and fines — among other penalties.

A number of complaints have been filed regarding how police handled this case. The NAACP says it will be investigating the Cartersville Police Department as a result of these arrests. The CPD itself has also said it will review its current drug investigations policy.

Those accused in this case are likely to have long legal battles ahead of them. Drug charges are no joke. The state of Georgia does not treat such cases lightly. However, it does not mean that there is no hope. With the assistance of an experienced attorney, the accused individuals can pursue defense options that will help protect their current and future interests.

Source: New York Daily News, “More than 60 people arrested for less than an ounce of marijuana at a Georgia house party: police“, Jessica Chia, Jan. 3, 2018

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