Get Help Working Your Zoning Problem

You found the perfect property for your commercial needs. Unfortunately, zoning of the property does not support your vision for it. What can you do? In Georgia, you have three options for dealing with your zoning problem. An experienced attorney can help you with any of them.

So, what are your options? You can approach the zoning board in your area and request a zoning change, you can apply for conditional use or submit a variance application. All three of these require that you fill out the required application, which your legal counsel can provide or you can find it on the county zoning website. Along with the application, you may need to submit your plans for the property for review. You may have to present your case in person at an official hearing before a decision is made.

These three options work to accomplish different things. The zoning change request would be filed if you want to change how the property in its entirety is zoned. A conditional use application would be filed if you are just asking for some flexibility in the zoning law. Finally, a variance request would be filed if you do not want to change the zoning law but still want to use the property in a way that is not permitted under the current zoning ordinance.

Zoning problems are common when dealing with commercial property in Georgia. That perfect piece of land for your project may not be zoned properly for your needs. That does not mean that you need to pass on the property. With the assistance of legal counsel, you may be able to get approval to use the land as you wish. To learn more about how an attorney may be able to help you with your zoning issue, please take a moment and visit our firm’s website. 

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