Stevie J in Trouble for Not Paying Child Support or Taxes

Many Georgia residents have heard of Stevie J. He is the star of the reality show Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta. His work has made him a lot of money over the years. Unfortunately, he did not see the need to use any of it to care for his child or pay his taxes. He is now on the hook for unpaid child support and back taxes.

According to reports, Stevie J was already sent to jail for being behind on child support. He is said to owe over $1 million in support. It is unclear if he has made any efforts to pay this debt.

Something that will make it difficult to honor this financial obligation is Stevie J’s tax debt. He is said to owe around $110,000 to the IRS. He reportedly failed to pay taxes between 2012 and 2014.

Getting a parent to honor his or her end of a child support agreement is not always easy. Enforcement options are available to Georgia residents who are not being paid per the terms of their support orders. Sending a non-paying parent to jail is usually a last-resort option, but sometimes, it is necessary to show that one is serious about collecting. There are many other options that can be tried before going this route.

If there is a financial reason why any parent is behind on child support, it would be in his or her best interest to take action before enforcement options are utilized. Child support orders may be modified if the circumstances are right. Legal counsel will have the ability to review one’s case and help seek an adjustment, if doing so is thought appropriate.

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