Court Not Necessary to Handle Child Custody or Support Issues

Divorce is not the easiest thing to get through, and even when all is said and done, issues may arise that need addressing again — especially if you have children. Not all parents find it easy to come to agreeable child custody or support terms. This does not mean that a Georgia court will get to decide these terms for you. You may be able to mediate the matter successfully.

Mediation puts parents in a room together to talk out what terms each believes are acceptable. A mediator is present to help keep things civil and keep the conversation going. If parents cannot be in the same room, each may be kept in separate rooms, and the mediator can deliver information back and forth between each party.

In order for mediation to work, each party needs to be willing to negotiate. Each needs to be willing to give a little. It will not work if one or both sides are unwilling to budge.

Why consider mediation? Even complex matters can be resolved through this alternative dispute resolution method. It can take less time to reach resolution than it would if you were to go to court. It can also cost less in the long run and offers your family privacy.

Child custody and support issues are not always simple to address and resolve. It does not matter if you are just now going through the divorce process or if your custody or support orders require modification, mediation can help you as you seek a resolution. To learn more about how mediation works in Georgia, please visit our firm’s website.

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