Tips for Co-parenting after a Contentious Divorce

Going through a divorce can elicit strong emotions and sometimes drastically change the way former spouses interact going forward. While the stresses and challenges of divorce can be difficult to move past, it’s crucial that parents find a way to put aside these issues for the sake of the children involved.

Co-parenting after a divorce can be a challenging aspect of anyone’s life, particularly if the marriage ended from tension and strife. Many parents in Georgia find that they still need to maintain a civil dynamic with their former spouse because of shared custody arrangements.

To navigate this new relationship with your former partner, consider some of the resources and tools available to parents in the current digital age. Joint custody does not have to be an intimidating arrangement for any parent, no matter the past between you two.

Co-parenting in the digital age

As with many modern problems and obstacles, there is likely a useful app for managing a co-parenting dynamic. Digital platforms such as Our Family Wizard, Cozi and 2Houses allow for a consolidated, streamlined co-parenting process. Whether you struggle with communication, scheduling, expenses or other common elements of parenting, there are ways to navigate these concerns via technology.

Built-in messaging systems in the apps keep your parenting conversations separate from any other communication you may engage in with your former spouse. Expense reports and shopping lists ensure both parents know what the child needs and who has contributed to the efforts. If you worry about managing a shared parenting schedule, calendars and event reminders in the app can hold everyone accountable.

Co-parenting after a divorce doesn’t come with an ironclad guidebook. Each family needs to consider their priorities and areas of concern as they devise a strategy to effectively share parenting responsibilities.

Always prioritize the children

When in doubt during a custody arrangement, always defer to the best interests of the children involved. Parenting of any kind, including with a former spouse, can often require a level of selflessness and humility. As you plan for and begin a new custody arrangement, consider the effects of decisions and actions as they relate to children.

Maintaining civility with a former spouse might mean biting your tongue or being more conscious of what you say around the kids. Undermining their parenting style may only worsen the situation if you find yourself in a contentious co-parenting dynamic after divorce. Consider some of the tips and tools available to parents as you plan for this new parenting relationship. The adjust is not always easy, but it can be easier with the use of careful consideration and additional resources.

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