Facing Drug Charges for Possession in Georgia?

Georgia has its fair share of drug problems. State lawmakers take this issue seriously and laws are in place to show offenders just that. This week, this column will address drug charges for drug possession and what such charges may mean for an accused individual.

Let’s start with drug possession basics. To be charged with drug possession, a law enforcement officer must find a person to have either illegal or illegally-obtained prescription drugs on his or her person, in a vehicle, home or in his or her general vicinity. At the end of the day,  it does not matter how much of a substance police find or even what type of drug it is, the person supposedly possessing the drug will be arrested and charged.

What are the penalties for drug possession? This is where drug type and amount matter. Potential penalties include incarceration, fines and loss of driving privileges. Drug type and the amount in possession will be used to determine penalty severity if one is convicted.

Fighting drug charges for possession is not something that will prove an easy feat. This does not mean it is impossible. There are defense strategies available that may help one achieve a case dismissal or at least a reduction in charges and penalties. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help those in Georgia who are facing possession charges by reviewing the details of their cases, questioning any evidence offered and assisting these individuals in pursuing the legal courses thought best for their situations.

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