Zoning: Need the Right Plan at the Right Time and Approval

Building projects fall through. It happens when there is no interest, there are funding problems or for a number of other reasons. A certain plot of land in the Macon area has sat empty for roughly a decade due to subdivision settlements falling through because of the recession. Recently, a Georgia developer finally got zoning approval to utilize this piece of property, and it looks like it will be a good fit for the community.

According to a recent report, Three Oaks Construction and Development Inc.’s conditional-use application was approved. They now have the right to build houses on the property located at 5064 and 5075 Rivoli Drive. The property is 11.5 acres in size. The development company plans to build a total of 33 houses.

This is the first residential building project to take off in that area since 2009. Several projects have been approved over the years, but none were successful. No residents came to the zoning meeting to object to this project. The zoning commissions is pleased with this addition and hopes to see it come full circle.

When it comes to building projects, they are all about having the right plan at the right time, and of course receiving zoning approval. They do not always work out, however. Legal counsel can assist those in Georgia who have building projects in mind but need assistance with planning and zoning issues. It can take time to bring everything together, but with the right plan and by taking the right legal steps, one’s project can be a success.

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