What to Do Before Filing for Divorce?

Georgia residents who are ready to end their marriages may be tempted to pull the trigger as soon as possible. While there is nothing wrong with wanting to get the divorce process over with as quickly as one humanly can, there is benefit to slowing down and making sure one is prepared for it and what is to come — particularly on a financial level. This week, this column will address some things everyone should consider before filing for divorce.

First, think finances. Look at assets and debts, as both will be split between spouses. Look at available funds. Dividing one house into two is expensive. Does one have enough to cover basic expenses or at least have access to money or some form of credit?

Second, think legal counsel. To save money during the divorce process, some people may be tempted to forgo an attorney, which may not be the wisest of decisions. It is impossible to predict how the whole process will go down. There are no guarantees that the split will be an amicable one. Without legal counsel fighting to protect the client’s best interest, he or she could walk away with far less than he or she deserves.

Finally, think support. When going through the divorce process, it can be easy to feel alone. Georgia residents who are ending their marriages are not alone. Regardless of whether they have family support, they can have support from legal counsel and other specialists who will work diligently to help them achieve fair settlements in a timely manner.

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