Protecting Finances after a Divorce

When people in Georgia decide to divorce, they may be concerned about how to protect their financial future when doing so. After all, the financial consequences can linger for a long time after the other emotional and practical issues have been sorted out. For most people, divorce can lead to major financial changes, especially when the couple involved has been married for a long time. However, there are ways that people can prepare to end their marriage and protect their finances as well.

Divorce can be a particularly hard hit for people who have been homemakers or who have stayed home to raise the children. Alimony can certainly be a factor in many cases, but it may be limited to a certain period of time, and people may have to re-enter the workforce despite earning a lower income than they may have otherwise. However, both parties will need to develop a new budget for their post-divorce lives. It is usually more expensive to run two households on the same incomes that previously supported one, so people should not hesitate to consider downsizing their luxuries. People should also keep other costs in mind, like deposits, transportation and insurance changes.

In addition, people will need to think about the costs of divorce itself as well as the property division process. The longer it takes to reach a settlement, the more expensive the divorce may become. People may also need to plan for their future savings after their retirement funds are divided. They may want to consider increased contributions moving forward.

Divorce can carry a hefty financial cost, but solid planning for the future can help to keep the expenses contained. A family law attorney can often help negotiate a fair settlement on property division and alimony.

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