The Start of a New Year Is Busy for Family Law Issues and Divorce

Divorce and other family law issues can happen at any time of year in Georgia and across the U.S. However, research indicates that certain months have a higher chance of people deciding to get a divorce and move on from a marriage. According to legal professionals, January is “Divorce Month,” the resulting aftermath of the holiday season.

Anecdotal evidence from attorneys and statistics show that January is a common month in which people begin a divorce proceeding. Search engines and social media have a rise in people seeking information about divorce during that month. For example, searches for the word “divorce” peaked on Google Trends from Jan. 6 to Jan. 12. Pinterest had a 21 percent increase in people seeking information about divorce parties.

The University of Washington conducted a study in 2016 that examined the number of divorces in the state between 2001 and 2015. It found that they were higher in January when compared to the number of filings in December. Other states across the nation including Arizona, Minnesota, Ohio, and Florida were similar. There was an 8 percent reduction in divorce filings and annulments in 2017 vs. 2007, but a part of that may be due to fewer people getting married.

The holiday season is viewed as a catalyst for many divorces. The stress, time spent together, travel, and gatherings from Thanksgiving through the new year can exacerbate lingering tensions and spur a divorce. Other factors include making improvements in the new year and starting over. Divorce is rarely easy regardless of the time of year. One key consideration in the process is understanding the legal ramifications and how to proceed. Consulting with a family law attorney may help with all aspects of a divorce.

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