What Should You Know about Adoption in Georgia?

Adopting a child is an incredible, but complicated experience. It is something to look forward to. However, there are many elements to the process and it can be difficult to navigate if you are not prepared.

There are certain parts of the adoption process that are consistent across the United States and there are other components that vary by state. What should potential parents be aware of during this process?

General requirements

First and foremost, parents must be eligible and ready to adopt. Georgia has a few basic requirements in order to qualify for adoption. Potential Georgia parents must be:

  • At least 25
  • At least 10 years older than the child
  • Financially stable
  • Mentally stable
  • Physically able to provide care

These are just the basic qualifications parents must meet. Additionally, you must pass other tests and requirements such as a home study and background check.

Process outline

After figuring out if you meet the basic requirements, you may be wondering what the actual adoption process is like. Some of the steps toward adoption include:

  • Deciding what kind of adoption you want (i.e. domestic, foreign, infant, teenager)
  • Selecting an adoption agency or professional
  • Creating a family profile
  • Completing a home study

These are just a few of the many components of the adoption process in Georgia. If you are serious about adoption you will want to do more research into the steps and procedures involved.

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