Be Mindful of Social Media During Divorce

When a Georgia couple has made the decision to end their marriage and initiate divorce proceedings, it is natural that they begin putting their old lives behind them and start planning for the future. For many, the split may have been a long time coming and the path arduous. Nonetheless, it is important to stay focused on the picture as the legal process of the divorce progresses through the courts. Without consciously intending to do so, it can be easy to create unnecessary problems and delays by careless comments or posts.

Social media has spawned an entirely new cultural landscape that can have a wide-ranging impact. Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other numerous sites, more and more people are sharing their lives with others in forums that have the ability to reach multitudes instantaneously. Family relationship experts suggest a measured approach when it comes to discussing a pending divorce to any but the closest of friends and family. What may have been a fairly uncontentious divorce can turn nasty quite quickly with a few injudicious comments. In some cases, unsuspecting spouses who had no idea of the pending problems found out through social media friends about the coming separation and ultimate dissolution.

Mean-spirited posts can cause a spouse to turn vindictive and delay or otherwise contest a matter that was previously agreed to. Additionally, comments made on social media that may contradict court testimony can be explored on the issue of credibility. And most importantly, anyone with children should be acutely aware that their kids will undoubtedly read everything that is said or written about Mom and Dad. For many reasons, there should be no negative comments regarding the other parent.

Divorce involves complicated legal issues that impact everyone’s life. An experienced family law attorney can provide guidance and counsel during this stressful period.

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