Excessive Property Tax Assessments Could Be Open to Challenge

Owners of both residential or commercial real estate in Georgia have a strong interest in making sure that their property tax bills represent a fair assessment. Your tax bill could be inflated for a number of reasons. A simple clerical error at a taxing agency could cost you thousands of dollars. Other issues that might skew your assessment toward a higher value include an out-of-date market analysis or improper calculations by a taxing authority.

Checking the accuracy of a tax bill begins with up-to-date information. You or your representative could request public records and look at issues like the accuracy of the information that the assessor used or when the last time comparable sales information was collected for your property. If you identify errors, then you could question the tax authority and appeal its decision. A successful property tax appeal could reduce taxation by thousands of dollars, especially for owners of multiple properties.

Dealing with government agencies always entails following bureaucratic procedures. After collecting information that supports your position, you could file a formal appeal with a county board of tax assessors. If this decision does not go your way, then you might continue to pursue tax relief by advancing the case to a superior court.

Our business law attorneys have navigated this process many times for clients. We also manage cases that involve zoning issues when land use regulations create problems for property owners. We understand the level of detail necessary to handle these cases. Diligent research and knowledge of local tax codes empower our attorneys as we advance the agendas of our clients. Some disputes with local governments about tax rates even warrant going to court. Visit our website to gain more information about how we handle civil litigation.

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