How to Stay Sane When Co-parenting with a Narcissist

Georgia parents who are co-parenting with a toxic ex may feel like they are going crazy. The bad-mouthing, accusations, manipulation, and constant pushing of limits can make a person feel incredibly frustrated. However, there are a few ways to make it easier to co-parent with a difficult ex.

It does no good to focus on something that can’t be controlled. Instead, one should concentrate on their own life and responses. To successfully co-parent with a toxic ex, a person needs to recognize that their buttons will get pushed. However, maintaining a steady temperament can help one stay committed to great parenting.

It’s helpful to look at unhealthy dynamics that cause a toxic ex-spouse to go from 0 to 90 in the course of a breath. If certain triggers cause an ex-spouse to become especially negative or difficult to deal with, recognizing these things and then steering clear of them can protect the other co-parent and the children. It will help a person to maintain their integrity and sanity.

There are many ways to limit communication with a difficult ex-spouse. Some have found that it’s wise to use parenting portals or email to communicate about the children. Blocking an ex-spouse from social media accounts can also be helpful.

No matter how hard one tries to successfully co-parent with a difficult person, there may be times when a court order is necessary, like when a difficult ex constantly barges through agreements. A parent may wish to discuss their situation with a family law attorney. Legal counsel could render advice on how a parenting plan can be modified to better ensure the children’s best interests.

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