Signs That a Marriage May Be Heading Toward Divorce

Georgia residents may be interested to know that there are signs, according to experts, that indicate a couple may be headed for divorce. Some of these signs are clearly seen by outsiders. Others are things that only the individual contemplating divorce knows is going on inside.

A sign that everyone can see is when a couple mocks each other in public. The way a married couple talks about each other or to each other is a strong indication of where their relationship is. Whether they say it to each other’s faces or behind their backs, the attitudes that are reflected in the mocking indicate that the marriage is suffering some irreparable damage.

Another sign that is visible to others is if one of the spouses does not want to come home. They may find excuses to spend time at work or with friends. Or a spouse may feel a sense of dread when they hear their marriage mate return home. Both of these things indicate a weakness in the marriage or that something in the marriage isn’t working well.

An internal sign that a marriage may be headed toward divorce is the inability for a spouse to see their marriage mate with empathy. Disagreements happen within a marriage. But when spouses are unable to see their partner’s needs through the eyes of empathy or with a tender heart, it could be a sign that the marriage mates are holding onto so much negativity that the marriage is at the point of collapsing.

Some spouses can see that their marriage is headed toward divorce and are able to brace themselves emotionally for the change. In other cases, the divorce catches one of the spouses completely off guard. Either way, a divorcing individual may want to seek the assistance of a family law attorney. Family law attorneys understand the divorce process. They may be able to help their client by providing them with information about things like child custody, property, and asset division, alimony, and other pertinent information.

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