Why a Post-nuptial Agreement May Be Beneficial for New Parents

Expecting parents in Georgia may want to think about a potential divorce. Negotiating the terms of a divorce while the marriage is still strong can make it easier to create reasonable terms that each party can feel content with. A prenuptial or post-nuptial agreement can cover topics such as property division and spousal support. However, they generally cannot be used to create child support or child custody arrangement.

Of course, it is possible that a judge will review a parenting plan and approve it without any changes. In many cases, simply talking about how the child would be raised after a divorce can make the end of a marriage less stressful. When parents are feeling less stressed, their children are likely to feel better about what is happening as well. Post-nuptial agreements can be effective if a couple is trying to strengthen their marriage after a negative event such as infidelity.

Having such an agreement in place may help an individual feel better about trying to work on the relationship. If those efforts fail, there is a plan in place to end the marriage and allow a person to move on to the next part of his or her life. Post-nuptial agreements could be stronger than prenuptial agreements because it is harder to claim ignorance after agreeing to its terms.

Individuals who are planning on getting a divorce may want to meet with a family law attorney as early in the process as possible. Most divorces are resolved outside of the courtroom through negotiations or mediation, and an attorney can be of assistance with either process.

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