High Property Taxes? Check the Real Value of Your Property

As someone who owns a home, you were shocked when you received your latest bill for your property taxes. It seemed very high, and you weren’t sure where the number was coming from. Your home’s value doesn’t seem like it’s enough to justify the taxes.

Incorrect property values can result in the wrong taxes being assigned to your property. For example, if your home is marked as being worth $250,000 but it’s only really worth $150,000, that can make a substantial difference in how much you pay in property tax.

What Should You Do If You Believe That Errors Are Impacting What You Pay in Property Tax?

If you believe that there is an error that has led to higher taxes than you should be paying, it’s important that you get an accurate property value updated for your home. You may want to reach out to your attorney, who will:

  • Make sure your home’s records are up to date
  • Determine if the right taxing authority was used to figure out your taxes
  • Request information on comparable sales to assess the value of the property
  • Compare your property to other nearby neighbors’ properties

You can challenge a property value and ask for the property taxes to be changed, too. Whether you have a single home or are a person with a retail shopping center, it’s important that your property is assessed accurately and that you don’t pay more than you need to.

Our website has more on appealing property taxes and what you should know if you receive a bill that is higher than you expected.

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