Georgia Officials Make Largest Heroin Bust in the State’s History

A 46-year-old Atlanta native known by the decidedly unimposing name of “Freckleface Shawn” has been arrested in a drug bust that has just made Georgia history.

According to officials, multiple search warrants were executed at once in raids on several locations associated with Freckleface Shawn’s drug distribution business. When they were done, they had rounded up 170 kilos of heroin, 41 firearms, over $1 million in cash, 10 kilos of cocaine, and eight of marijuana.

Law enforcement authorities were simply astounded at the size of the haul. As the special agent in charge of the Atlanta Field Division of the U.S., Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) stated, “That’s a ridiculous amount of heroin. I was stunned.” He stated that in over 30 years of service behind the badge, he’d never expected to see that big of a haul and would have considered just several kilos of heroin to be “big.”

What’s unique about this case is that the investigation into Frecklefaced Shawn’s activities started all the way in Mexico. A 2019 bust associated with the Jalisco New Generation Cartel turned up some ledgers that indicated the Atlanta man was the recipient of more than 1,000 kilos of cocaine over the previous year — and that he’d sent roughly $31 million in proceeds back to the cartel. Officials used the information and followed the trail straight to Georgia.

This case is a big warning for anybody who thinks that drug enforcement operations aren’t busy right now. It’s also a reminder that there are paper or electronic trails everywhere — and you never know when a bust in some far-off location can lead back to your door.

Drug trafficking charges are very serious. If you’ve made some mistakes and you’re facing charges, don’t make any more: Get an experienced defense attorney by your side right away.

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