Aggravated Assault Charge Could Result from Stabbing

In the heat of the moment, a person can act rashly when upset. In some cases, letting anger or other emotions fuel one’s actions could lead to a serious altercation that could turn physical. Unfortunately, this type of ordeal could result in a person facing assault charges if authorities consider such an allegation applicable to the situation.

According to reports, authorities are searching for one man in Georgia who allegedly stabbed a Dunkin’ Donuts worker. Apparently, the man had gone through the drive-thru, drove away from the window but then came into the restaurant. He reportedly started arguing with a 17-year-old employee at the establishment over a certain type of donut. The argument escalated, and the man allegedly pulled out a knife.

The man and the employee got into a physical altercation, and reports stated that the employee was cut on her arm. However, the man left the scene before authorities arrived. It was noted that the employee declined medical attention for her wound and is expected to recover. The report also stated that the man is expected to face an aggravated assault charge if located by police.

If this Georgia man is apprehended by police officers, he will likely find himself wanting to create a meaningful criminal defense. Any type of assault charge can be difficult to address, and an aggravated charge is even more complicated. Anyone who ends up in this type of legal predicament may benefit from gaining information on possible options for defending against such allegations.

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