Is a Postnuptial Agreement Right for You?

Weighing the benefits of divorce is not something that people take lightly. After all, there are many things to consider, such as where one will live, custody arrangements for children, and the financial implications of living off a single income. Couples in Georgia who are not at the point of divorce may choose to take a step toward protecting themselves though, such as creating a postnuptial agreement.

If someone is seeking reconciliation with a spouse after something like addiction, infidelity, or financial stress, he or she may understandably want some financial protection for the future. This is where a postnup comes in handy. The reconciling couple can create a guide to what divorce would look like should they go down that path, addressing matters such as property division and finances.

A couple does not have to be under duress to benefit from a postnup, though. For example, postnuptial agreements offer invaluable protection to business owners. Businesses are particularly vulnerable during divorce, and a spouse can end up with a sizable portion of a business in which she was never ever really involved. In the event of divorce or even the owner’s death, a postnup can clearly state that the other spouse has no right to a portion of the business or its assets.

There are many reasons why someone in Georgia might want to explore the benefits of a postnuptial agreement, including if he or she needs to update a prenup. Whatever the reason, it is usually a good idea to get some input on the matter before signing anything. Even minor mistakes can render a postnup unenforceable, leaving that individual potentially vulnerable during divorce.

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