Common Mistakes Landlords Should Avoid Making

Landlords in Georgia and throughout the country could be making key mistakes that might result in lost rent or costly legal fees. Ideally, landlords will make any repairs that allow a tenant access to clean water, a roof that doesn’t leak, and an electrical system that functions properly. If a landlord doesn’t make a critical repair in a timely manner, a tenant may have the right to move out or pay someone to fix the issue.

Tenants who have issues fixed on their own may deduct the cost of doing so from their rent. Landlords are generally required to provide advance notice before entering a unit. This can be done by phone, email or any other method that is convenient for both parties. However, landlords don’t need to provide notice if they are entering a premises to make an emergency repair.

Landlords are not allowed to include any terms in a lease that might violate state or federal law. They are also not allowed to refuse to rent their properties to tenants based on their skin color or national origin. However, those who own rental properties are allowed to perform background checks on all potential tenants. These background checks can help a property owner learn more about an applicant’s income, job history, and track record as a renter.

Landlords who are engaged in real estate disputes with their tenants may benefit by seeking the advice of legal counsel. An attorney may be able to help a property owner take steps to evict a tenant or hold on to a security deposit. Counsel might be able to assist a landlord in resolving a matter before it gets to trial. Settling a case may save the landlord time and money.

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