Negative Comments in a Divorce Can Damage a Family Law Case

When Georgia couples have reached the point in their marriage when they feel divorce is the only option, it can lead to hurt feelings. Issues like spousal support, property division, child custody, and child support will come to the forefront. People might feel tempted to behave poorly toward the other spouse. This, however, can have negative consequences for the divorce process.

People who are getting a divorce should take certain steps to resist the temptation to act out. First, stress can be a spark to being harsh with the spouse. It is important to think about the benefits to a reasonable resolution in the divorce case. Negotiations can be damaged with inappropriate words while respect and courtesy can go a long way. Splitting the assets and determining who gets what from the marriage will require flexibility, and starting a dispute during these discussions will hinder the process. Doing this in public can hurt a person’s business and lead to a reduction in support. Negotiations can be sabotaged by ill-timed words.

For custody agreements, emotions will inevitably be frayed, but the courts will focus on the best interests of the child. When there is a dispute or emotions are on the edge, it is wise to keep the children shielded from it. Focusing on the children can prevent negative emotions from festering. This is especially true with social media use. People might want to vent on these outlets, but generally, posts are there for all to see and could be used as evidence in the case.

In many divorces, disagreements are unavoidable. Still, it is wise to avoid overreacting for the greater good of an acceptable resolution. A family law attorney may provide guidance and advice. This may help prevent animosity from spilling over and damaging the case.

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