Land Use Proposal Withdrawn by Commissioner

Georgians who live in Cobb might be interested to learn that a proposal to develop an industrial area of the city was withdrawn by the commissioner that sponsored it. The land-use proposal was withdrawn because of the controversy surrounding it.

According to reports, the commissioner proposed an amendment to Cobb’s Comprehensive Plan. The amendment called for a 900-acre area between I-285 and the Chattahoochee River to be designated for development into highrise office buildings, residences, apartments, and malls. If the amendment had been approved, it would have resulted in changes to the land use map. The map is not the same thing as a zoning decision, but it is frequently used when zoning decisions are made.

The proposal met with resistance because of its proximity to Sterigenics. Sterigenics is a medical sterilization company that uses ethylene oxide, a potential carcinogen. The concerns about the proposed development are that it would result in many people living close to Sterigenics would be placed at a higher risk of developing cancer.

Land use and zoning laws are meant to designate homes and businesses into specific areas. Developers that want to develop new projects must first gain approval for their intended land uses and make certain that they have the proper zoning. Developers might benefit from consulting with experienced zoning and land use attorneys. The lawyers might help their clients to secure variances when they are needed. If the land use applications are denied, the attorneys might represent their clients before the zoning board to appeal the decisions. When variances are obtained, the developers may then move forward with their developments. The attorneys might be able to protect their clients’ interests so that they can complete their planned projects.

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