Accused of identity theft? Make sure to defend yourself

There are many kinds of fraud that you could be accused of doing. One of the most common is identity theft. Identity theft can happen in one of many ways, such as by taking someone’s credit or debit card and using it without permission, checking out online under someone else’s information or even presenting yourself as them when you go to a medical appointment or take out a loan.

It is very serious to be accused of identity theft because it is illegal to use another person’s identifying information fraudulently. Many people who commit identity theft do so after obtaining information from:

  • Lost or stolen mail
  • Wallets and purses
  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • Email accounts

That doesn’t mean that all accusations of identity theft come about that way, however.

Someone could be accused of identity theft for accidentally checking out under the wrong name on a website and using a credit card that had its information saved, for example. They can also be accused of using a loved one’s credit card at a local store without authorization. Fortunately, if you do have permission to use another person’s debit or credit card, or to use their information online to buy an item, then it should be easy to clear up the allegations.

Mistakes do happen, and not all alleged cases of identity theft involve people who were trying to defraud others. If you’re accused of identity theft and did not intend to steal another person’s identity, then it’s important for you to defend yourself and fight the allegations. Make sure that you have an experienced defense attorney on your side.

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