You Have to Work Through These Areas in Divorce

Family law matters are often those that are close to a person’s heart — especially when it comes to divorce and child custody. When a couple who has children decides that the marriage isn’t working, they may decide to take legal steps to end the union. This triggers the need to handle a few different points.

We know that emotions often run high in divorces. We’re here to help you learn about what options you have to resolve these matters. Remember, each one must be handled separately. Most commonly, you’ll have to go through the property division process and the child custody decisions. You can’t let what happens in one area of concern dictate what happens in the other.

For the property division process, you’ll go through each asset and debt so they can be assigned to a person. Some divorces require that specific assets are sold off or liquidated so debts can be paid prior to the finalization of the divorce. This is preferable for some individuals because there isn’t any room for one party to harm the other’s credit through nonpayment of their assigned debts.

In the child custody matter, you can’t think about what’s best for either adult. Instead, the full focus must be on the children. The parenting plan you come up with needs to include a schedule for when the child will spend time with each parent. Decision-making powers and other specific points that govern the parenting relationship with the children are also part of this document.

While it is understandable that you want to have this situation over with as quickly as possible, you shouldn’t try to rush through the decisions. Take the time to think about how each one impacts you. We’ll be here to help ensure your rights are protected through the case. Contact our office for more information.

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