Know These 2 Types of Adoptions

Adopting a child is a beautiful experience, but you still need to take steps to protect yourself. When you’re dealing with a private or agency adoption, you may have the option to choose a closed or open adoption. The differences between these two are stark. Be sure you understand what you’re getting into, no matter which one you choose.

In a closed adoption, the biological parents and adoptive parents don’t know each other. No identifying information is exchanged. In fact, the information that is exchanged is minimal and might include things like the birth parents’ ages, races, educational backgrounds, and medical histories. There is no contact between the two sets of parents.

In an open adoption, the two sets of parents know of each other. This might be limited to seeing a profile through an agency, but it can also be more involved and ongoing. There are some instances in which the adoptive parents attend doctor visits with the pregnant mother. They may be present at birth. The biological parents might remain in the child’s life even though the adoptive parents raise the child.

The types and frequency of contact between the sets of parents are determined by an agreement between the parties. This includes what type of contact the birth parents have with the child. Whatever agreement you choose, it’s best to get it in writing so that both parties can review the terms. However, those terms could be subject to change in some cases.

Regardless of what type of adoption you pursue, you must ensure that your rights are protected. Working with an attorney who is familiar with adoptions in Georgia can help with this.

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