Zoning Plans Might Have Been Shortsighted

In many areas around Georgia, the zoning and land use plans were set long ago. While they might have been set with the best of intentions, there’s a chance that they might not be what’s best for the area now. Anyone who’s attempting to find a parcel of property to purchase should review the zoning and land use for it. There’s a chance that it isn’t zoned for your intended use.

One issue that comes up for some individuals is that the planners who set the zoning couldn’t see into the future to determine what a specific area would need. They may have assumed that the residential neighborhood wouldn’t need any spaces for businesses, but the current residents might want someone to bring a drive-thru coffee shop to the area. Another example is if you’re the primary caretaker of a business and want to erect a home next door to it, but the parcel is zoned for business. In both of these cases, you might find that the current zoning or land use terms don’t meet your needs.

If you find a location you think will work for your needs, but it isn’t zoned properly, you might be able to take legal action to have the parcel rezoned or to have an exception granted for your use. The controlling government entity will have to go through a process to ensure that the change is in the public’s best interest. You may have to take the matter to court.

In some cases, testimony from people who would be directly impacted by the change may be needed. Ultimately, you may be facing a battle so prepare to find out what steps you to take so you can get ready.

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