Crafting a Parenting Plan That Will Work for Your Family

One of the most difficult aspects of a divorce is making sure that your decision to end your marriage does not cause unnecessary harm to your children. This means providing them with the opportunity to have stability and as much continuity of lifestyle as possible. You and the other parent may choose to craft a parenting plan based on the unique needs of your Georgia family and personal preferences.

It’s important to craft a plan that will make sense now and well into the future. This means you may have to set aside your own emotions in order to make choices that will make sense long term. Thinking logically and practically, all while focusing on what will be best for your kids, will be more likely to lead to terms that will benefit the entire family for years to come.

What’s in Your Plan?

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all parenting plan. You have the ability to create a plan that will allow you to address needs and issues that may be specific to your family, such as health concerns, unique work schedules, emotional needs, and more. In order to craft a plan that will make sense for you and your kids, you may find the following suggestions helpful:

  • Consider what is truly in the best interests of your children, both now and in the months and years ahead. Adjustments to parenting plans down the road may be possible, but it can be complex to do this.
  • Plan how you and the other parent will communicate with one another. This includes normal matters related to parenting, but also how you will deal with disputes.
  • Make a parenting schedule that makes sense for your job schedule and your kids’ school requirements, allowing for equitable time with each parent.
  • Talk through the financial needs of your kids, and make sure that you have a plan for how you both will handle additional expenses outside of child support.
  • Discuss how both parents will make important decisions for the kids and what you will do if the two of you cannot agree on how to proceed.

These suggestions will help you make decisions that will truly benefit your kids. It is possible to create a parenting plan that allows your kids the opportunity to maintain strong relationships with both parents while still protecting your parental rights.

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