Divorce: Carly Pearce’s experience

The decision to end a marriage is something most people do not make lightly. After all, when getting married, one expects the relationship to last a lifetime. Divorce is hard, and it can make one feel embarrassed or even like a failure, but sometimes those feelings have to be put aside because it is just the right thing to do. Country music singer Carly Pearce recently went through the divorce process, and there are a few things Georgia residents considering marital dissolution may learn from her experience.

Ms. Pearce was married in the fall of 2019 to the person she believed was the love of her life — fellow country singer Michael Ray. She has said she fell hard but quickly realized he was not a good fit for her. After eight months of marriage, she chose to file for divorce, but that was not a decision she came to in a day. It is something she took her time to really think about.

Carly has said she does not view her marriage as a mistake. She loved her husband. She just learned that love cannot save everything, and sometimes it is better to walk away. Painful as her decision was, she knew what she wanted out of life and marriage and decided divorce was her only option. She has also said that moving on has been hard, and she was initially embarrassed about her short-lived marriage, but her loved ones have supported her through it, which has made it bearable.

Too many people stay in marriages because they feel that their love for their partner will overcome all, or they are afraid of what other people will think. Divorce is something one does because one believes there is something better out there for them. It is OK to want that and reach for it. While ending a marriage is difficult, with the assistance of legal counsel, one can finalize the divorce, achieving fair and balanced settlement terms, in a timely manner so that one can move on and focus on building the life one wants.

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