Man Facing Dui Charges, Other Allegations after Fatal Crash

Though no one likely wants to be in a position of needing a criminal defense, most are grateful that they have the opportunity to defend against criminal charges. The legal system is complex, and knowing exactly how to defend against DUI charges and other allegations is not always easy. Luckily, individuals facing such a difficult ordeal do not have to navigate their legal proceedings alone.

One man in Georgia may be hoping to find the right help and defense options after recently being charged. According to reports, the man was driving a pickup truck on Interstate 85 when he failed to slow down for stopped traffic. As a result, his truck collided with the rear of a car, which then hit another vehicle. The truck also collided with an SUV after the initial collision. The first car hit by the truck caught fire.

Emergency crews were able to quickly put out the fire after arriving at the scene, but unfortunately, the driver of that car suffered fatal injuries in the accident. She was reported as being a 51-year-old woman. No additional injuries were reported. The driver of the pickup truck is currently facing multiple charges, including DUI, vehicular homicide, marijuana possession, possession of drug-related objects, open container, driving too fast for conditions, and more. It was noted that the results for toxicology testing were still pending at the time of the report.

The allegations brought against this Georgia man could result in serious consequences if he is convicted. Fortunately, he does not have to resign himself to a negative outcome as he has every right to fight against the DUI charges and other allegations. If so, he may find it useful to gain information about his legal options.

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