Concerned about Having to Dismiss an Employee? Follow These Tips

Georgia business owners wear many hats, especially if they run a relatively small company. As a result, an owner often takes on various roles within the company, including employer. Employers commonly have to make tough decisions relating to their hired workers, and in some cases, it may be necessary to dismiss an employee from his or her position in the business. This event can be difficult for everyone involved, which is why it is essential to handle the ordeal as well as possible

First, it is important to keep in mind that employees deserve respect, even if they have not been great workers. As a result, employers may want to refrain from using an email, text message or phone call to tell an employee that he or she is fired. Instead, scheduling a face-to-face meeting could show that the employer appreciates and respects the employee and the work he or she has done for the company. 

During this meeting, the following details could prove useful: 

  • Having an unbiased witness who can attest to the goings on in the meeting later if needed 
  • Having termination documents on hand for the employee to sign that further explain details relating to the separation 
  • Explaining to the employee how the separation process will work, which could include immediate dismissal or working until a specified date 
  • Preparing for strong reactions to the news 

Job loss could affect anyone in a significant way, and the news of termination could cause a worker to panic. When having to dismiss an employee, staying as calm as possible, being prepared and taking an understanding approach may help lessen the chances of a contentious predicament arising. However, in the event that an employee attempts to take legal action for wrongful termination or other related claims, Georgia employers may want to understand their defense options. 

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