Getting Divorced? Want to Make It Amicable?

Going through a difficult transition in life can have lasting effects on any Georgia resident. If individuals are going through a divorce, they may understandably want to limit conflict and contention and just get through the process in a dignified and mature manner. Fortunately, some couples are able to end their marriages in such a way, but it is also important to recognize when it might not be possible. 

One of the speediest ways to through a divorce is to work together to negotiate a settlement that both parties can agree on. Some individuals may be able to do this with little fuss, but others may know that their spouse has a tendency to act in deceiving ways. If so, trying to handle negotiations on one’s own is likely not the best option. 

Some other ways to get through the marriage dissolution process with as little tension as possible include the following: 

  • Making sure that each party treats the other with respect 
  • Trying not to use any resentment or hurt from the relationship in order to make the process more difficult for the other party 
  • Taking the time to assess and consult with legal counsel before making a hiring decision 
  • Focusing on the end result and future effects that result could have rather than hashing out every small detail in the moment 
  • Thinking about the children — if applicable — and understanding that a long, contentious divorce could affect them more than many parents realize 

Though divorce may be the best way forward for Georgia couples who no longer believe their marriages are working, ending the marriage does not have to be a distressing affair. Certainly, some stress and difficulties are likely because two lives are being disentangled, but deciding to take an amicable approach could make a considerable difference in stress levels. Additionally, having the right help and understanding one’s legal options could also streamline the process. 

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