3 Individuals Likely Exploring Defense Strategies after Arrests

Each person has choices to make that can affect the path their lives take. In some cases, individuals may need to think long and hard about certain decisions and how those decisions could affect them. Taking the time to fully think through available options is especially important when a person is facing criminal charges and is trying to determine what defense strategies may be best. 

Alleged car theft in Georgia 

Trying to find the best options for their cases may be a top priority for three individuals recently arrested in Georgia. According to reports, authorities began a pursuit involving a stolen vehicle. It was unclear how far the chase may have gone or what caused authorities to begin the pursuit. Nonetheless, two men and one woman in the vehicle were taken into custody. 

Connection with another alleged theft 

The report also noted that the three individuals were considered suspects in another vehicle theft from a car dealership that purportedly occurred before the recent pursuit. It was unclear what evidence may have linked the three to the previous theft. All three individuals are facing the following charges: 

  • Second degree criminal damage, a felony 
  • Motor vehicle theft, a felony 
  • Theft by taking, a misdemeanor 

Though the individuals are facing the same allegations, they will go through separate criminal proceedings. This means that they may want to focus on their own individual interests when deciding what strategies to use when creating a criminal defense presentation, if they wish to do so. Gaining information on their legal rights and how the charges brought against them are handled in Georgia may be an important place to start. 

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