Woman Likely Working on DUI Defense after Accident

Facing a criminal charge can turn a person’s life upside down. Trying to find the best way to defend against allegations of DUI or other crimes may become all a person thinks about, especially if he or she is detained until trial. Fortunately, this focus could help individuals facing this ordeal work toward the best outcomes possible for their criminal case.

One woman in Georgia is undoubtedly hoping to find her best defense options after recently being taken into custody. Her arrest took place after a car accident involving her minivan and a school bus. The bus had stopped to pick up a student, and as it was pulling away from the stop, the woman’s van allegedly slammed into the back of the bus at 64 mph. There were 16 students on the bus at the time of the incident, but none appeared to have suffered serious injuries.

The woman suffered injuries associated with the deployment of her vehicle’s air bag and was taken to a hospital after the accident. She is currently facing the following charges:

  • driving under the influence of drugs
  • driving without a driver’s license
  • following too close

Details were not provided as to why authorities believed she was under the influence. Nonetheless, this Georgia woman now needs to defend against the DUI charge and other allegations brought against her. She may have a difficult fight ahead, but she and others in similar situations have legal rights and options that they may want to take advantage of as they work to lessen the repercussions of such incidents.

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