Are You a Victim of Neighbor Harassment?

There is nothing that says a person has to like or get along with his or her neighbor. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have good, quality neighbors. However, that does not give anyone the right to harass their neighbor. Any Georgia resident who finds themselves a victim of neighbor harassment may have legal recourse.

What constitutes harassment by a neighbor?

By definition, harassment by a neighbor is a series of repeated, intentional acts meant to bother a neighbor. A few examples of neighbor harassment include:

  • Verbal abuse
  • Stalking
  • Any form of disorderly conduct
  • Frequent noise violations
  • Calling the police for every little thing
  • Coming onto one’s property without invitation
  • Disregarding property lines when planting or building structures

Some cases of neighbor harassment cross the line from civil to criminal matters. Those who are unsure if criminal charges are called for can turn to legal counsel for advice on the matter. If criminal charges are not appropriate, one may still seek a resolution to the problem through other legal means.

The two best things a person can do when dealing with neighbor harassment is to document everything that happens and avoid any confrontations, or at least keep them polite. Doing so will only help one’s case if legal action is ultimately taken. Georgia residents who are considering filing legal claims against their neighbors for harassment can turn to a¬†civil litigation¬†attorney for help doing so. Legal counsel will have the ability to review the case, help one determine if legal action of any kind is appropriate and, if it is, assist one in resolving the situation through out-of-court negotiations or litigation.

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