Georgia Man Accused of Theft after Hundreds of Items Found

When a person is charged with a crime, it may be possible for that individual to provide information to law enforcement that could help the case. In some instances, authorities may make a deal with a suspect in efforts to gain useful information. For example, if a person is accused of theft and authorities believe other parties were involved, information from the accused regarding other possible suspects may prove useful. Of course, each case is different and whether a deal could result depends on the specific circumstances. 

One man in Georgia is undoubtedly hoping for the best outcome possible for his situation after his recent arrest. According to reports, authorities had been responding to a business burglary when other law enforcement officials were attempting to locate other stolen property. Tips provided by outside parties reportedly resulted in the investigators going to the man’s property. 

Authorities stated that the property was approximately 30 acres, and during their search, they allegedly found a significant number of new and used items that were believed to have been stolen, including: 

  • Vehicles 
  • Vehicle parts 
  • Weapons 
  • Hand and power tools 
  • Tires 

Authorities suspect that the man was receiving the items from other individuals and hope to gain information on who else may have been involved. The owner of the Georgia property was taken into custody and is currently facing charges for theft by receiving. Because the items total hundreds of thousands of dollars, the man could face serious consequences if he is convicted. As his case moves forward, he may want to ensure he understands his available criminal defense options. 

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