Kelly Clarkson Seeks Immediate Termination of Marriage

The well-known singer-songwriter, Kelly Clarkson, has been going through divorce proceedings for a year now. Sadly, there seems to be no end in sight. With the dissolution process taking longer than expected, she recently filed a motion for a judge to issue an immediate termination of the marriage. Is this something Georgia residents can do if their divorce proceedings are taking longer than expected? 

The Kelly Clarkson case 

According to reports, Clarkson filed for divorce in June 2020. Soon after, she was granted primary custody of her two children. Custody, however, is the only matter to be settled at this point. Her estranged spouse is seeking roughly $5 million a year in combined spousal and child support — a demand Clarkson believes is unreasonable. The couple has also been unable to come to agreeable terms on the division of assets.  

Why Clarkson wants the dissolution finalized immediately 

Clarkson has said she wants her marriage terminated immediately so she and her ex can move on. She feels her husband has no intention of reaching a fair settlement anytime soon to prevent her from moving forward. At this point, she just wants to change her legal status from married to single and will continue working toward a fair settlement at a later date.  

Can anyone make this request? 

Most Georgia residents find their divorce cases close in a timely manner. However, there are those who, like Clarkson, find their cases dragging on. While the courts would like to see a couple come to agreeable terms before the divorce is finalized, under the right circumstances, a judge may grant the dissolution before all terms are reached. With the assistance of an experienced family law attorney, one can finalize the divorce process as quickly as possible — whether through negotiation, mediation or litigation. If necessary, a motion to end the marriage immediately may be made if one’s spouse is being unreasonable and operating in bad faith. 

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