What Documents Should One Prepare When Getting a Divorce?

In any legal situation, compiling documents is an important step for both sides. This is certainly the case for Georgia individuals going through a divorce, as details on finances, ownership of property and other key issues will be vital in the process. But, which documents specifically should one ensure are ready and available? Here are a few key pieces of paperwork worth requesting and organizing should they be needed during the divorce process:

  • Proof of income: Having paycheck stubs and/or tax returns from both parties in a divorce is ideal in order to clarify matters of income. If one or both parties are self-employed, documentation on business expenses is also helpful. Cash income can be harder to prove, but check ledgers or deposits can sometimes help bridge the gap here.
  • House purchase and mortgage documents: Real estate is often the most contentious and valuable asset in a divorce, so it is wise to be prepared for discussions on the marital home and any other properties. Mortgage statements, purchasing documents, tax assessments and any other legal documents related to property will be key in navigating these matters.
  • Financial statements: Bank statements should be pulled showing holdings for the last three years, whether the accounts are jointly or separately held. An itemized list of outstanding debts is also important to have on hands.

Generally speaking, having clear documentation on any asset of value is a good idea in a divorce. Retirement accounts, pension plans, life insurance policies, automobiles, even collectables — all these can become sticking points in a divorce, so having paperwork at the ready is a wise choice. For help getting prepared, ask a Georgia estate attorney what documents would be most important to have ready and be sure to communicate what evidence is available to a legal representative.

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