Contract Dispute Between Roku, Google Affects YouTube TV Users

Businesses often work together for a mutual benefit. In these cases, the two or more companies create an agreement so that each party understands what the arrangement entails and requires from each side. However, these agreements typically have an end date, at which time, the parties can choose to renew or forgo continuing the business relationship. Unfortunately, this type of situation can sometimes lead to a contract dispute. 

Georgia readers, especially Roku and YouTube TV users, may be interested in an ongoing contract dispute that could affect their television viewing. According to reports, Roku, a company specializing in media streaming devices, is currently in a dispute with Google regarding the availability of YouTube TV, which is owned by Google, on Roku devices. The two companies had an agreement that allowed Roku users to obtain the YouTube TV app for viewing television through the subscription streaming service, but that agreement recently expired. 

Reports indicated that the two companies have not yet come to terms regarding a renewal of the contract, which could impact users of both services. At this time, the dispute has resulted in the following issues: 

  • Current Roku users who are using YouTube TV are advised not to delete the app due to risk of being unable to download it again. 
  • New YouTube TV users who do not already have the app on their Roku devices cannot download the app. 
  • Roku speculates that Google could require the company to remove the app entirely, including for existing YouTube TV users. 
  • YouTube TV representatives stated that no intention existed for requiring the removal of the app. 
  • YouTube TV also stated that the company offered to renew the contract with the same terms as the previous agreement, but Roku reportedly wanted to negotiate for new terms. 

contract dispute can turn into a messy business, especially when the dispute affects clients, customers or users of the company’s services. When these types of disputes arise, it is important that companies weigh the pros and cons of the situation and how they hope to move forward. It is always wise to understand the legal implications of such a dispute and how Georgia business owners may be able to negotiate for the best terms possible to bring the matter to a close. 

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