Accused of Shoplifting?

Stealing from a place of business is wrong. Everyone knows this. Yet, every year, numerous Georgia residents find themselves accused of shoplifting. Theft is a serious crime that carries significant penalties if you are ultimately convicted.

Shoplifting is…

Shoplifting is taking an item from a business without paying for it or paying less than the actual amount owed. This can be done by concealing merchandise and removing it from a store, or altering the price tag — among other means. As with any other type of crime, the courts will look at a person’s intent if they are accused of shoplifting.


The consequences for shoplifting vary. They might include jail time, prison time, fines, probation or alternative sentencing. Often, the value of the item taken is a significant factor in determining the severity of the penalties handed down with a conviction.

Get help

Shoplifting is not something the state of Georgia treats lightly. It doesn’t just affect the business. It can affect the community as a whole. This is why the consequences of shoplifting can be so severe.

If you find yourself accused of shoplifting, what you do now could make or break your case. You have the right to defend yourself, and that is something you may not want to do alone. The sooner you seek assistance, the better. Legal counsel can review the details of your case, question any evidence offered against you and help you fight for the best outcome possible. To learn more, please take a moment and visit our firm’s website.

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