Divorce Coping Tips for Kids and Parents

Most Georgia parents would agree that family life can be challenging. Certain life changes, such as divorce, can make things even more difficult, at least temporarily. It is helpful to keep several coping tips in mind that are not only good for children, but they can help parents avoid stress as they navigate the maze of the family court system, as well.

Even with an arsenal of coping skills at the ready, it is imperative to remember that each family member will react and respond to a divorce in his or her own unique way. It is understandable that younger children will react differently than teenagers, and that a parent will react differently than a child. Coping with a divorce is similar to mourning the loss of a loved one; it is best to take one day at a time.

Give everyone space and opportunity to process and express emotions

There is no right or wrong way for a parent or child to feel about a divorce. What is most important is to make sure every family member understands that he or she is loved and encouraged to share his or her feelings at any time. It is also helpful to try to maintain a sense of routine and normalcy in daily life. Finally, every family member should know where to seek additional support as needed, and that it is not only okay to do so but may be critical to emotional and mental health as the family moves on in life.

Legal problems can make coping with divorce more stressful

In a perfect world, a pair of parents who have decided to divorce would cooperate peacefully to achieve a fair settlement, leave the past behind and wish each other well as everyone moves forward to adapt to their new lifestyles. In reality, any number of issues can arise to impede one or all family members’ abilities to cope. If the issue at hand has to do with property division, child custody, alimony or other legal issues, it is best to seek help sooner than later, especially if a concerned parent wants the court to intervene to help solve the problem.

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